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Technical Services and Strategic Consulting for Technology Companies

Spitzer and Boyes, LLC provides flow and level measurement engineering, market research, and related consulting services to instrumentation users, manufacturers, and representatives on a worldwide basis. Our products include competitive analysis reports, marketing reports, The Consumer Guide to... books, and related seminars.


"Some non-contact (level) sensors are isolated from the material and its vapors"
The Consumer Guide to Non-Contact Level Gauges, pg. 6


David will teach his Flow Measurement Seminar in South Africa in October.

David and Walt completed revising The Consumer Guide to Coriolis Mass Flowmeters and The Consumer Guide to Non-Contact Level Gauges. Get your updated copy now.

David recently completed legal cases involving the performance of steam and water flow measurement systems

An updated edition of The Consumer Guide to Differential Pressure Flow Transmitters is now available. Watch Walt’s "Back to the Basics" video on Differential Pressure Flow Transmitters.

Suppliers of pH and ORP sensors generally have not provided users with the complete information that they need for selection. Read The Consumer Guide to Industrial pH and ORP Instrumentation for the latest information.

Click to read Walt's e-book from his masterclass Public Relations for the Automation Industry that was presented in Austin, TX.

David W. Spitzer's E-zine containing useful measurement (and related) information is back in monthly circulation! Click the link under our logo in the upper right for the latest issue.


...Coriolis Mass Flowmeters David W. Spitzer Now Available!
...Non-Contact Level Gauges David W. Spitzer Now Available!
...Capacitance and Radar Contact Level Gauges David W. Spitzer Now Available!
...Differential Pressure Flow Transmitters David W. Spitzer Now Available!

WE KNOW FLOW! Read the third edition of David's book Industrial Flow Measurement (ISA)

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