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About content generation…

We have all heard for years that content is king. What that means, is that your communications– all of them– from your website to your emails to your posts on blogs, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other social media– must have content other than, “Our wonderful company just did this wonderful thing.”


Or people, including your customers, will not come back, because you’re wasting their time.

DON’T waste your customers’ and stakeholders’ time!

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be talking about how to do an integrated content program.

As I said at the MCAA meeting in Atlanta in May, “About half of Spitzer and Boyes LLC’s business is assisting in content generation.” We can help you, too.

So, keep hanging out here, and you will learn what we know. Of course you can always hire us– you will learn faster, and do better.