Competitive Intelligence Report: Coriolis Mass Flowmeters


If you are a manufacturer or private-label reseller of Coriolis mass flowmeters and you think that they are a commodity product, you may want to think again. Copperhill & Pointer combined the expertise of David W. Spitzer, author, editor, and respected instructor of flow seminars, and Walt Boyes, marketing professional, and industry analyst, to offer a new and unique set of reports to the industry.

This series has already set a new standard for useable information and technical completeness, while providing significant new data and conclusions on one of the “workhorses” of flow measurement. If you manufacture, sell, specify, or use Coriolis mass flowmeters, this study is a “must have” for you.



This report shows that conventional wisdom isn’t always true. All Coriolis mass flowmeters aren’t created equal. The differences between the manufacturers and models surveyed show that you can differentiate between flowmeters on the basis of performance and features, not just price. 22 companies sell Coriolis mass flowmeters. 16 companies manufacture them.

  • Do you know who the real players are?
  • Do you know where these magnetic flowmeters are made?
  • Do you know who actually makes them, and for whom?
  • How much could a user save by knowing who is private labeling for whom?
  • Do you know where the technical support and design engineering really are done?
  • Do you know how each company’s products compare technically?
  • Are some Coriolis mass flowmeters really better than others?
  • Do you know how your company’s products stack up against the competition?

Competitive report Coriolis Table of contents



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