Danaher Gets Kudos From Noted CFA

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While digging through current industry information in preparation for The Industrial Automation and Process Control INSIDER HealthWatch, February edition, I ran across an article on Danaher that closely mirrors our own assessment of the company. I have included the URL for the article below, if you would like to review it in total. In a nutshell, Stephen Simpson, CFA, points out that while some investors might steer clear of Danaher because of recent decisions like the high multiples Danaher paid for Nobel Biocare and Pall, because the company is still, “a strong competitor with ample non-cyclical exposure, it’s not the worst place to wait out this industrial recession.”

Seeking Alpha: Danaher Remaking Itself Once Again


Original Article Posted by Stephen Simpson, CFA, February 16, 2016

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