For End-User Companies And OEMs

We have over 50 man-years of experience in all aspects of flow measurement including design, manufacture, marketing, sales, service, training, and selection. Publications include Industrial Flow MeasurementFlow Measurement (editor), and a number of The Consumer Guide to… series books about various types of flowmeters. We have developed flowmeter seminars for over 20 years, and can come to your location to investigate flowmeter problems and flow measurement discrepancies. Some of our work includes:

  • surveying existing flowmeters to improve the water balance and billing for a large water utility, including researching the installation effects of a 120-inch flowmeter and quantifying errors that resulted in $1 million of additional revenue
  • surveying existing steam flowmeters for a steam supplier with annual revenues approaching $100 million to ensure that the flowmeters are functioning accurately
  • helping an instrument user analyze magnetic flowmeters operating in strong magnetic fields
  • examining flowmeters in a paper mill to help identify and remedy losses
Your people need to know what they are doing in order to work effectively and efficiently. We can provide technical seminars and/or presentations on CD that can be customized to meet your specific needs.

We have over 50 man-years of experience with other field instruments and controls, including level, pressure, temperature, density, weight, and many analytical instruments from pH and other wet chemistry sensors to XRF and Neutron Activation analysis. We have developed seminars on these subjects, and we can help you with difficult problems with field instruments and sensors at your location. Some of our work includes:

  • analyzing the operation of an incinerator to remedy increasing fuel consumption
  • upgrading measurement instrumentation and controls in a coal-fired power plant

We have extensive experience in all phases of instrumentation and process control design from conceptualization through construction and startup. We have resolved many complex engineering issues for a wide range of process plants. Contact us if you need assistance in any phase of the process. Similarly, contact us if you have measurement or process control issues that need to be resolved.

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