IEEE Steps Directly on ISA’s Core Competencies

From an email I received from IEEE today:

IEEE Standards Association (IEEE-SA) invites your participation in the working group for IEEE 1451.0™, Standard for a Smart Transducer Interface for Sensors and Actuators – Common Functions, Communication Protocols, and Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) Formats.

Why get involved:

This project develops a set of common functionality for the family of IEEE P1451™ smart transducer interface standards. This functionality is independent of the physical communications media. It includes common functions, transducer services, communications protocols, and Transducer Electronic Data Sheet (TEDS) formats that are required to access and manage smart transducers (sensors and actuators). TEDS are metadata for the description and identification of sensors and actuators. The standard also defines a set of implementation-independent application programming interfaces (API). This standard is revised to address the need of new technology, such as Cyber Physical Systems (CPS) and Internet of Things (IoT), to facilitate interoperability of smart sensors and actuators from different manufacturers.

Who should participate:

  • Sensor vendors and manufacturers
  • System Integrators and users of sensors, actuators, and control systems for CPS and IoT applications, etc.
How to Participate:

If you would like to participate in the working group, please contact the
Working Group Chair, Eugene Song.

1 thought on “IEEE Steps Directly on ISA’s Core Competencies

  1. William Van Nostrand

    Not sure what this about. Is it about such things as P, DP, flow, mass flow, vibration instruments, etc. for process/motor control? Or temp., pressure, vibration and compass sensors in things like mobile phone, autos, aircraft etc.?


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