Information About David W. Spitzer’s E-zine

Here is an opportunity to participate in one of the most respected e-newsletters in field instrumentation. Published since January 2001, David W Spitzer’s E-zine (ISSN 1538-5280) is distributed monthly. Its content is focused on field instrumentation and allied issues such as flow, level, pressure and temperature measurements, process control, variable speed drives, fieldbus, pH/ORP measurement, analysis, safety systems, and other topics of interest to the readership.

The primary author will be David W Spitzer however contributing authors will include other experts in their fields, such as Dick Caro (fieldbus), Dave Mills (pH/ORP), and Walt Boyes.

Each issue has only one sponsor and is distributed to thousands of people who have indicated an interest in process measurement. As an alternative, E-zine content may be purchased for distribution to your e-mail list.

Spitzer and Boyes, LLC specializes in providing engineering, market research, and related consulting services to instrumentation users, manufacturers, and representatives on a worldwide basis. David W. Spitzer is a world-recognized measurement expert and author of Industrial Flow Measurement and seven books in the “Consumer Guide” series. For more information, please visit

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