PR Wall of Shame: Don’t Misspell the Client’s Name!

Last week, my eye was caught by an email sent by one of the large industry magazines on behalf of a client. It was hawking a white paper that someone from the client had either written or had had ghosted for them. The problem wasn’t the content, it was the fact that the client’s email address had been misspelled and hysterically so.

I notified a couple of executives at the client company, and didn’t think about it again, until this morning when I received another white paper pushing email from the same magazine, again with the client’s name misspelled.

Come on, folks! Doing it once is (barely) acceptable— everybody makes misteaks. But twice? That’s worthy of the Wall of Shame.

I sincerely hope that the client, who is always very concerned about loss of face, gets their money back on this one.

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