The Automation INSIDER is an independent monthly newsletter and editorial report on the continuing evolution, development and convergence of industrial automation, instrumentation and process control technologies worldwide for automation and process control system users, designers, installers and suppliers. It is compiled by Walt Boyes and published by Spitzer and Boyes, LLC. The INSIDER is based on analysis of news releases, meetings and conferences relevant to the industry and the major automation suppliers.

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The first completely independent consumer guide to… series books to the world’s instruments, ranked by performance, by size, by features, and by supplier (as applicable).

These consumer guide to… series books contain technical information about evaluating and applying this equipment, including pointers for installation, such as fluid, piping, hydraulic, mounting, and electrical considerations (as applicable). Tables include the types of equipment available and selected features that are available from each supplier, along with their country of origin or source.

These guides are indispensable for designers, engineers, owners and end-users of instrumentation equipment. See where your instruments rank and use these guides to help you with your next selection/purchase.

Order from Spitzer and Boyes, LLC (we accept credit cards), ISA Bookstore (10% member discount),, or (search on title).

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“Accusonic has in fact recently purchased a copy of The Consumer Guide to Ultrasonic and Correlation Flowmeters. We have found it to be one of the more comprehensive and well-grounded overviews available in regard to ultrasonic flow measurement technology.

“As a leading manufacturer and supplier of long standing for multiple-path ultrasonic transit-time flowmeter systems for large pipes and open-channel applications, Accusonic has a wealth of experience and technical expertise in the use and appropriate deployment of this technology for high-accuracy flowrate measurement. This includes hydroelectric, water transmission, and wastewater flow monitoring, including water and wastewater treatment plants.

“As we further get into specific sections of your recent publication, we may well be sending you specific comments and discussion points that may provide useful information for your review and input to future editions.

“We very much appreciate the contributions that you and Walt Boyes have made towards expanding the awareness of available technologies and practices for the various and diverse segments of the flow measurement communities.”

–Terry Burch, Marketing Manager, Accusonic Technologies

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