Spitzer and Boyes, LLC’s home office is near New York City, and we have associates and clients around the world. David is available to discuss your needs in English or Portuguese.

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To enter the North American market successfully, you need help to navigate the “way of doing business” in North America. For more information, see “Breaking In – How to Market in North America”. Our market research, competitive analysis, and product comparison services can provide the information you need to make an informed decision on whether to enter the North American market. If you decide to enter, our sales chain management services can help determine the most effective way to enter. Our technical writing services are available to ensure that your literature and website are compatible with North American norms.

If you want to purchase North American products for export, you need to know product quality, company viability, and pricing. Our competitive analysis and product comparison services can provide you with this information.

Expert Testimony

We provide services within our areas of expertise to both plaintiffs and defendants in legal matters. Some of our cases have involved:

  • representing a steam consumer with regard to the performance of its supplier’s steam flow measurement systems
  • determining the cause of a cloud of chemicals over a swimming pool
  • determining the performance, suitability, and economic impact of existing sewage flowmeters used for billing purposes
  • defending an instrument manufacturer against a claim that an instrument failure caused control actions that resulted in injury
  • representing an equipment manufacturer who claimed that instruments purchased for their machines did not meet accuracy specifications
  • representing a manufacturers’ representative to reconcile conflicting accuracy claims made by the customer and manufacturer
  • representing an engineering company against claims that mismanagement caused the delay of a $50 million project


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