Soundoff!! Walt Boyes’ Original Automation Blog is moving here!

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After years on LiveJournal, changes in the terms and conditions of the site have made necessary a move, and I just happen to have this site available (grin). So, in the next few days, all of the content on the LiveJournal site will move here, and I will continue to blog Soundoff!! from here.

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  1. Great to see you here. Now we can have dueling opinions (actually, I think most of your blogs are very well thought out, well written, and insightful).

  2. Larry Wells

    Full circle? As an Auburn EE student, I co-oped @ Southern Company from 1970 – 1973. In July of 2009 I took a “3 month” contract @ Southern – full circle… Ended up staying 7+ years until October, 2016. I am 66, on Medicare (much better deal than Obamacare), and could draw MAX social security (~$2650 a month) but they offered me a little less by drawing on my daughter’s mom as a spouse survivor, she died in 1980 and was a nurse. My daughter’s checks put her thru 2 degrees at Auburn. Thus, when I am 70 I can draw MAX of ~$3500. That plus minimum required withdrawals will make no point in working… unless the tax rate is greatly reduced. In the meantime I am getting bored but don’t care to relocate from Alabama or Georgia (2 residences).

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