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Rockwell’s PSUG-The Plant PAx Roadmap

My tweets from Monday afternoon’s roadmap session at PSUG:

Mon, 13:07: Chris Dornan and Jason Wight provide the PlantPAx roadmap— #ROKPSUG

Mon, 13:09: We are members of a secret society called the International Society of Automation #ROKPSUG (why is ISA not a bigge… https://t.co/qVDQhDQLyR

Mon, 13:11: #ROKPSUG Plant PAx 4.5 releases this coming summer.

Mon, 13:13: Kris Dornan begins the deep dive #ROKPSUG https://t.co/uuCPKArFSh

Mon, 13:14: SMART— #ROKPSUG https://t.co/SQ5cONPCoS

Mon, 13:16: New Standard Control Panels #ROKPSUG https://t.co/rLjmKbacHu

Mon, 13:17: Intelligent Packaged Power — #ROKPSUG https://t.co/QOB1PRQ78V

Mon, 13:18: Server consolidation — #ROKPSUG https://t.co/Co9r84LY3e

Mon, 13:21: Redundant PASS server enhancements; DTM support of Ehernet/IP Devices; updated function block diagram editor https://t.co/bSb9BcPg0K

Mon, 13:23: Mod sheet size online — #ROKPSUG https://t.co/VEPoMLEPBh

Mon, 13:24: Productive! https://t.co/gpcCsPiUkX

Mon, 13:27: New productivity tools #rokpsug https://t.co/oCt4pUKbiG

Mon, 13:30: New faceplates; trending integration with alarms; PI Asset framework for process objects — #rokpsug https://t.co/ZcFPISAGQR

Mon, 13:38: More productivity tools— thinmanager integration; mobile alarming interface; updated batch visualization #rokpsug https://t.co/npi1SXaFEQ

Mon, 13:41: Protected— area based security; PRP network support; Redundant communications —#ROKPSUG https://t.co/LhV5C80yPj

Mon, 13:45: And we’ll come fix it for you! #ROKPSUG https://t.co/voCmk9VAQs

Mon, 13:48: “Don’t YOU worry about it! #ROKPSUG https://t.co/pRbxwTC6pC

Mon, 14:10: Rockwell’s new entrant in the I/O sweepstakes. They call it the standard configured panel. #rokpsug https://t.co/ddOdv8yONf

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