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Help a Saint Louis FLL (Lego League) Team Do Research!

I received this from the coach of the FLL team:

Phil Speth, Shaw

Please send this far and wide. It isn’t just for St. Louis, but anyone who can take the survey.

Our Lego Team needs your help.
Our 4th Grade Lego Team is looking at how we dispose of medicines.
This year in FLL (Lego Robotics) we are all about our water. One BIG!! problem is the incredible amount of medicines that end up in our water system. To get to the heart of this problem our kids decided to send out a survey to help us all understand the problem and ask everyone to help us do better.

Please take 1 minute to take our survey!! Thanks

Medication Disposal Survey
We are a team of 3rd and 4th graders from SMOS and LPA schools. Our FIRST Lego League team has spent the semester studying Hydrodynamics, building robots, and learning about water. For our final project, we are collecting information from our community. All of your information will be kept anonymous. Thank you for helping us!

Rockwell’s Automation Perspectives Aptly Named

Insiderlogo3My tweets and retweets from Rockwell Automation’s Automation Perspectives on Tuesday:

Tue, 08:13: Rockwell Automation’s President and CEO Blake Moret welcomes Automation Perspectives to Houston #houstonstrong… https://t.co/0zafvi1YQx

Tue, 08:15: $6.3 Billion in FY2017 Sales and a shareholder value curve outperforming the Dow… https://t.co/mdV3o60ASC

Tue, 08:16: #AF2017 If Rockwell had a company song, we’d all be standing and singing it. https://t.co/MhZheD93r9

Tue, 08:19: #AutoFair17 The Connected Enterprise is based on people. https://t.co/NaNzVmA0m2

Tue, 08:20: #AutoFair17 The value of digitization in Smart Manufacturing— Frank Kulaszewicz https://t.co/HM3pb6BkHK

Tue, 08:21: #AutoFair17 We believe that manufacturing will change dramatically in the next 25 years because of higher levels o… https://t.co/iSY1G7nus9

Tue, 08:23: Digital transformation enables better design. Digital design is sustained by digital operation— emulated by the Dig… https://t.co/PrRmJvi25O

Tue, 08:24: RT @m_littlefield: CEO @ROKAutomation lays out strategy. Stays focused on Connected Enterprise. Stressed corp values, improved control & an…

Tue, 08:26: #AutoFair17 Mixed Reality visualization https://t.co/WBy2ztmaHP

Tue, 08:32: #AutoFair17 Factory Talk Team One is working, and we know, because we are watching! https://t.co/96e8r55gZW

Tue, 08:33: #AutoFair17 Frank K introduces Andrew Ellis to talk about Project SCIO. https://t.co/6K4jlWuQwB

Tue, 08:34: Descriptive, Diagnostic, Predictive, Prescriptive —we must adopt advanced analytics. #AutoFair17 https://t.co/EXg9c8Atap

Tue, 08:36: Lack of data isn’t the problem. https://t.co/PQXNYdXrSR

Tue, 08:38: #AutoFair17 Data ingress from the edge…but the secret is in the middle— the data orchestration provides the real… https://t.co/GIR0uTuPyE

Tue, 08:41: SCIO discovers devices and ingests data and uses a storyboard model to display mashed data and construct work flows… https://t.co/ifbaRDgz5u

Tue, 08:43: Scio storyboards… #AutoFair17 https://t.co/y5GMVIc9Pv

Tue, 08:45: There are no limits to data quantities or data types— not just realtime or transactional. Scio ingests and mashes a… https://t.co/POg5BhPFIq

Tue, 08:48: #AutoFair17 What is cool about Rockwell is that the top executives both know and understand the technology they are… https://t.co/n6OCHXYaOM

Tue, 08:54: Scio can get you to predictive and prescriptive analytics. #AutoFair17 https://t.co/IT33dy9wBV
Tue, 08:56: Wind speed and direction into “function bubbles” to control blades of wind turbines. #AutoFair17 https://t.co/XBAVzXVYwS

Tue, 08:57: World class partners and ecosystem are ESSENTIAL! #AutoFair17 https://t.co/SYjlMONAw1

Tue, 08:58: Gavin Rennick “We are in Houston, the home of oil and gas. Brent crossing 60 for the first time in weeks.”… https://t.co/DazsAGJNaY

Tue, 09:00: Rennick extols the interconnected world— about 8 billion devices today, and in a decade, over a trillion. Data mana… https://t.co/t5Fs3XWHvx

Tue, 09:03: Rennick: This outcome is very material. #AutoFair17 https://t.co/fZ9QKohhx5

Tue, 09:04: Here’s what digital technology does to the ecosystem. #AutoFair17 Excellence in cybersecurity is really the ticket… https://t.co/LlPwVKQmkf

Tue, 09:07: Very rapidly, we were enveloped in the digital technology ecosystem… #AutoFair17 https://t.co/oe2f28bT5I

Tue, 09:09: Our customers’ goals are not surprising… #AutoFair17 https://t.co/OvqraO5nsW

Tue, 09:12: Some of the proofs of concept failed, some of them worked—we learned. Amazing what happens when SME works with a da… https://t.co/nGQIy2v4Ym

Tue, 09:14: Schlumberger predicts…the oracle! #AutoFair17 https://t.co/eV0VXFiJcO

Tue, 09:15: We’ve been using it, and our customers have too. It works. #AutoFair17 https://t.co/opB8O4qc2P

Tue, 09:16: Here’s how to drill a well… #AutoFair17 https://t.co/GHQDrvBs6H

Tue, 09:18: We have had 10 companies evaluate this solution for many months and they agree it works and is very valuable.… https://t.co/l8mX5V7f3e

Tue, 09:19: No matter what we did, we kept running into this company called Rockwell Automation! #AutoFair17 https://t.co/XG3OIOPUJf

Tue, 09:20: We don’t call it a digital twin— we call it a digital avatar. We have an affinity with the color blue. #AutoFair17 https://t.co/lnFliImmP4

Tue, 09:22: We have a number of proof points… #AutoFair17 https://t.co/gxiCht8OIY

Tue, 09:59: #AutoFair17 Getting ready to resume Automation Perspectives— The whole enterprise of Rockwell Automation is so crit… https://t.co/LEdsyTW4bJ

Tue, 10:01: #AutoFair17 Our industry has a problem with workforce development… https://t.co/QLMndwEa0y

Tue, 10:02: #AutoFair17 Manpower’s Chris Layden talks about workforce… https://t.co/g5RN2H94w7

Tue, 10:03: #AutoFair17 We connect 4 people a minute to meaningful work in the USA. https://t.co/mEgPjG4nIu

Tue, 10:05: The structural changes in the labor market are here to stay! #AutoFair17 Technology is a force for speed of change. https://t.co/Vyg18vgcAX

Tue, 10:07: Big change from “job for life” to “career for me.” https://t.co/sOGoldoQgU

Tue, 10:09: #AutoFair2017 Skilled trades toughest to find. https://t.co/7bMpGuwNsE

Tue, 10:10: #AutoFair17 You can’t build a plant where there aren’t any workers. https://t.co/KocZWJpjVL

Tue, 10:11: 24% of manufacturing workers are over 55 #AutoFair17 https://t.co/VaoJnU2gmM

Tue, 10:12: #AutoFair17 Plateauing… https://t.co/YaqfGmDIzI

Tue, 10:13: #AutoFair17 Education needed is changing https://t.co/Pc1Pyqvez2

Tue, 10:15: #AutoFair17 We have to prioritize who we are training https://t.co/qPjO4wHGPr

Tue, 10:17: #AutoFair17 Introducing Blake to talk about the Academy of Advanced Manufacturing https://t.co/f2dJh8bKwd

Tue, 10:18: #AutoFair17 We chose Manpower because we like to partner with the leader in Workforce. We know the curriculum and t… https://t.co/AL9hsAE04k

Tue, 10:19: RT @m_littlefield: Skilled Trades toughest job to fill in US @manpower predicts 2.5MM jobs unfilled by 2025. Doesn’t even consider Digitali…

Tue, 10:19: RT @DJGreenfield: Good job @SchneiderElec! Glad to see you make this move. https://t.co/JHcuOXPHtg

Tue, 10:21: Hundreds of thousands of veterans are leaving the service with the basic skills they need for manufacturing.… https://t.co/ze9I1SvVJq

Tue, 10:23: #AutoFair17 We are ramping up rapidly to meet our goal. https://t.co/JvMtzEbouo

Tue, 10:25: But is 12 weeks enough?? https://t.co/iQtzCKwz7U

Tue, 10:25: RT @cmgonzalez85: The Recruitment Difficultly Index shows how hard it is to fill jobs across the U.S. The number one job missing is the ski…

Tue, 10:26: RT @AutomationFair: “It’s not what to train for; it’s about how skills & jobs are evolving within digital manufacturing & design.” #AutoFai…

Tue, 10:26: RT @AutomationFair: “No single company, organization or institution can solve this skills gap alone.” – @njneuman @manpower https://t.co/Jj…

Tue, 10:27: RT @AutomationFair: 75% of employers say new skills are required in the next 2 yrs, but many are not able to define them @ChrisLayden https…

Tue, 10:29: And they want to blow up this enterprise— for what? For the money! No. This enterprise is critical for the future o… https://t.co/XuqiBT85I2

Tue, 10:30: https://t.co/HxsBQynTtG via @youtube #AutoFair17 Here’s the short version…

Tue, 10:31: RT @m_littlefield: Blake Moret driving force of @ROKcareers & @manpower Academy of Advanced Manufacturing. 12 week prgm & vet grads guarant…

Tue, 10:32: Joe Allie asks for all the veterans in the audience to stand. Then he introduces the “plank holders” of the Academy. https://t.co/leDZLjfqQI

Tue, 10:32: RT @AutomationFair: “Every one of the veterans who finish this program, will have a job.” – Blake Moret https://t.co/8gW9TXLekk https://t.c…

Tue, 10:33: RT @pdpuess: Couldn’t be more proud @ROKAutomation Academy of Advanced Manufacturing high tech training for our returning vets! #AutoFair1…

Tue, 10:35: Scott Bingham, Travis Tolbert, Leandre Davis, Christopher Allison…some of the first graduates. #AutoFair17 https://t.co/cQLMXDpvG2

Tue, 10:39: Typical day is hands on supported by theory— very intensive — Scott Bingham #AutoFair17 https://t.co/7eKzlWEjcI

Tue, 10:40: RT @AutomationFair: We couldn’t be more proud of these grads! https://t.co/CtOhl5lAhE

Tue, 10:41: RT @mchlguilfoyle: #AutoFair17 panel with 4 of 14 grads from first class of Academy of #advancedmanufacturing. Transitioning #veterans to w…

Tue, 10:50: RT @ManpowerGroup: #Veterans have the work ethic and real world experience that hiring managers want. We’ve partnered with @ROKAutomation t…

Tue, 10:54: Travis Tolbert just accepted a position with a paper company as a process optimization specialist. #autofair17

Tue, 10:56: Scott Bingham also accepted a position. Leandre Davis and Christopher Allison are in the final stages of interviewi… https://t.co/6dyTuNs7X3

Tue, 11:04: RT @m_littlefield: Looks like it based on the job offers coming in! https://t.co/mh0KoALe9z

Tue, 11:06: #AutoFair17 John McDermott winds it all up. https://t.co/7UvLtNQCW0

Tue, 11:12: #AutoFair17 Diversity and Inclusion Forum on Thursday

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Rockwell’s PSUG-The Plant PAx Roadmap

My tweets from Monday afternoon’s roadmap session at PSUG:

Mon, 13:07: Chris Dornan and Jason Wight provide the PlantPAx roadmap— #ROKPSUG

Mon, 13:09: We are members of a secret society called the International Society of Automation #ROKPSUG (why is ISA not a bigge… https://t.co/qVDQhDQLyR

Mon, 13:11: #ROKPSUG Plant PAx 4.5 releases this coming summer.

Mon, 13:13: Kris Dornan begins the deep dive #ROKPSUG https://t.co/uuCPKArFSh

Mon, 13:14: SMART— #ROKPSUG https://t.co/SQ5cONPCoS

Mon, 13:16: New Standard Control Panels #ROKPSUG https://t.co/rLjmKbacHu

Mon, 13:17: Intelligent Packaged Power — #ROKPSUG https://t.co/QOB1PRQ78V

Mon, 13:18: Server consolidation — #ROKPSUG https://t.co/Co9r84LY3e

Mon, 13:21: Redundant PASS server enhancements; DTM support of Ehernet/IP Devices; updated function block diagram editor https://t.co/bSb9BcPg0K

Mon, 13:23: Mod sheet size online — #ROKPSUG https://t.co/VEPoMLEPBh

Mon, 13:24: Productive! https://t.co/gpcCsPiUkX

Mon, 13:27: New productivity tools #rokpsug https://t.co/oCt4pUKbiG

Mon, 13:30: New faceplates; trending integration with alarms; PI Asset framework for process objects — #rokpsug https://t.co/ZcFPISAGQR

Mon, 13:38: More productivity tools— thinmanager integration; mobile alarming interface; updated batch visualization #rokpsug https://t.co/npi1SXaFEQ

Mon, 13:41: Protected— area based security; PRP network support; Redundant communications —#ROKPSUG https://t.co/LhV5C80yPj

Mon, 13:45: And we’ll come fix it for you! #ROKPSUG https://t.co/voCmk9VAQs

Mon, 13:48: “Don’t YOU worry about it! #ROKPSUG https://t.co/pRbxwTC6pC

Mon, 14:10: Rockwell’s new entrant in the I/O sweepstakes. They call it the standard configured panel. #rokpsug https://t.co/ddOdv8yONf

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Rockwell’s PSUG 2017 Kicks Off in Houston!

My tweets from this morning’s PSUG general session:
Mon, 10:37: #ROKPSUG 860 attendees this year. The baby done growed up!
Mon, 10:40: Steve Pulsifer kicks off PSUG https://t.co/kVbjYMckhc
Mon, 10:41: Jim Winter keynotes #ROKPSUG by talking about the connected enterprise.
Mon, 10:42: #ROKPSUG The connected enterprise… https://t.co/GKLzMH7UsZ
Mon, 10:44: #ROKPSUG Enabling IIoT https://t.co/W4sbxiFvii
Mon, 10:47: #ROKPSUG Rockwell calls it the modern DCS https://t.co/4ViiWzHTds
Mon, 10:53: #ROKPSUG Jim Winter says “the cookie demo” is back this yea!
Mon, 10:57: #ROKPSUG John Genovesi speaks!
Mon, 10:58: #ROKPSUG applause for the victims and volunteers of Houston Strong
Mon, 11:01: Genovesi says that Pavilion and Execution (Maverick) businesses did double digit growth…
Mon, 11:03: #ROKPSUG why are digital initiatives important? https://t.co/RiWR7A0Fs9
Mon, 11:06: #ROKPSUG The Connected Enterprise Customer Outcomes https://t.co/xOqsEcKCqB
Mon, 11:08: RT @ManufacturingGL: Despite struggling early in the year, UK #manufacturing sector showing signs of revival https://t.co/RlxKPaIdlq https…
Mon, 11:12: #ROKPSUG https://t.co/9jc1pVkmzG
Mon, 11:15: FactoryTalk Analytics https://t.co/UiVHsdd4kZ
Mon, 11:16: #ROKPSUG Value Streams https://t.co/qcuRvLA4T7
Mon, 11:19: #ROKPSUG Introducing Project Scio—
Mon, 11:21: Project SCIO #ROKPSUG https://t.co/skIkvRlev4
Mon, 11:22: RT @CraigDResnick: #ROKPSUG @ROKAutomation @AutomationFair #Analytics must be #scalable provide #value #Streams #operational #productuvity…
Mon, 11:32: #ROKPSUG iBio CEO Barry Holtz talks about iBio gene sequencing and manufacturing.
Mon, 11:33: Plant production facility- iBio COMO #ROKPSUG https://t.co/uW1DtIUoZU

Blake Moret Finally Gets the Cherry

After a year of being CEO, the Rockwell Automation Board has finally named Blake Moret to the post of Chairman. He, of course, succeeds Keith Nosbusch in that role, as he succeeded Nosbusch as President and CEO.

Rockwell will continue to have an independent “lead director,” Donald R. Parfet, who said: “Since Blake became CEO and joined the board in July 2016, he has demonstrated that he is exceptionally well-qualified to lead the company and the board. Blake is a champion of the company’s high performance culture with an extraordinary ability to inspire and connect with customers, employees, partners and the leadership team. The board is confident that this leadership structure will continue to drive the company’s success.”

Moret has already done some interesting things, like the acquisition of Maverick Technologies.. The jury is still out on that one.

It is always interesting to watch a major company CEO finding his feet and getting going.