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May 2015

Pump Station Control: On/Off Control Strategy (Part 1)

A common pump station control strategy is on/off pump control. This strategy is often selected when operating a single pump in a pump station with one pump fed from a sump or tank. click for more...

Part III: Low-Flow Scram

I will admit that it was a sight to behold when I arrived at the unit ... It was my second week at the plant, my supervisor and foreman were both coincidently on vacation, a unit had shut down, a flowmeter was the culprit, its control valve was covered with ice, the "midget-maker" was open, and an apprehensive technician was waiting to greet me. click for more...

Which Flowmeters Measure Mass?

Positive-displacement flowmeters that constantly entrap fluid to measure the actual volume were already discussed. Oscillating piston and oval gear flowmeters are examples of positive displacement flowmeters. Flowmeters that measure velocity, such as magnetic, turbine, and vortex-shedding flowmeters were discussed last month. click for more...



In addition to over 35 years of experience as an instrument user, consultant, and expert witness, David W Spitzer has written over 10 books and 250 articles about flow measurement, level measurement, instrumentation, and process control. David (with Walt Boyes) is the author of seven Consumer Guides to various industrial flow and level technologies. David teaches his flow measurement seminars in both English and Portuguese.

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