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JULY 2005

Level Gauge Performance (Part 1 of 3)

The purpose of installing a level measurement system is to measure level accurately in a reliable manner. Whereas issues dealing with physical properties, process parameters, electronic features, and interconnections are often considered extensively, the quantification of the expected measurement quality of the installed level measurement system can be virtually neglected. Often, relatively little emphasis is given as to how well the level measurement system will perform its intended purpose. Adding to the confusion are the differences in the manner in which performance is expressed and the incomplete nature of the available information. Nonetheless, the quality of level measurement should be a prime concern. click for more...

Energy-Saving Strategies for Fluid Handling Systems

People and events throughout the world are interrelated as never before. Technical developments in far-off places can have dramatic effects here at home. Fluid handling systems may seem independent, but a malfunctioning system may affect the bottom line of a major corporation. Inefficient fluid handling system operation can cause a distant power plant to generate more electricity. The plant might then emit more greenhouse gases and potentially increase global warming that might affect us all. Or it might trip off and cause a major outage. click for more...

Multi-Phase Flow Measurement

Some flow measurement applications just stick in your craw and may even keep you up at night. Losing sleep may be an exaggeration, but some applications are tough. The problem is that these applications usually involve the simultaneous solution of many flow problems, each of which may have a feasible solution when taken individually. click for more...



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