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May 2014

Why Measuring Flow is a Difficult Task: Damping the Signal (Part 1 of 2)

In either case, various techniques can be used to reduce the noise component of the signal. One method is to dampen the signal. This method will usually work in most applications, because the noise will be reduced as the damping is increased. Also reduced is the ability of the instrument to measure the process in a timely manner because the response time of the damped instrument will increase. click for more...

Part I: Considering a Large-Line Orifice Plate Flowmeter
How Much Straight-Run Pipe Is Really Needed to Produce the Desired Results?

I recently read an interesting e-mail exchange that was originated by a person who was involved with a large (over 30-inch) orifice-plate flowmeter. He stated that ISO 5167 required 20 diameters of straight run upstream, but that the installation only allowed for 10 diameters. Approximately 5 percent accuracy was required, and the writer wanted to know how much the shortened straight run would affect the flow measurement and if repeatability would be good. click for more...

QUIZ CORNER: Measuring the Flow of Mixed Liquids

What piping orientations are acceptable for a flowmeter to measure the flow of an 80/20 mixture of a liquid having a specific gravity of 0.80 and water? click for more...



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