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DAVID W SPITZER'S E-ZINE (February 2021)


Coriolis Mass Flowmeters (Part 3) by David W Spitzer

Variation in certain characteristics of Coriolis mass flowmeters has allowed this technology to be applied to many processes. The following sections define flowmeter design categories and how they fit the needs of their intended applications.

Flowmeter Installation by David W Spitzer

Physically examining flow and level measurement installations can be quite interesting because the range of issues found can vary widely from incorrect tubing, inappropriate materials of construction, attack from the environment, improper calibration techniques and the like. It is rewarding to sort things out and solve client problems. However there is one situation that makes me stop in my tracks and check everything - and I mean everything.

Flowmeter Error (Reynolds Number) by David W Spitzer

A process requires the batch addition of 100 liters of a liquid that has a specific gravity of 1.10 and a viscosity of 10 to 20 cP. The rate of addition is adjusted manually in a 2-inch pipe and takes from one and two minutes. An investigation into a quality problem using a weigh scale to verify flowmeter operation revealed actual additions in error by up to 15 liters --- despite repeated totalized flow measurements of 100 liters. The flowmeter was removed, wet calibrated and correctly returned to service. Is Reynolds number a concern?


In addition to over 40 years of experience as an instrument user, consultant and expert witness, David W Spitzer has written over 10 books and 500 articles about flow measurement, level measurement, instrumentation and process control. David teaches his flow measurement seminars in both English and Portuguese.


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