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DAVID W SPITZER'S E-ZINE (November 2024)


Non-Contact Radar Level Measurement (Part 1 of 3) by David W Spitzer and Walt Boyes

Non-contact radar level measurement sensors emit a radar signal towards the material and measure the remnants of the signal that are reflected from the material.


Flowmeter Selection: When It Makes Sense to Change Your Old Habits by David W Spitzer

Flowmeter selection can be quirky.  Sometimes you have already seen the application before and have the benefit of having previously evaluated it.  In this case, you might select a flowmeter with reasonable confidence that you have made a good selection.  The advantage of previous experience is that a flowmeter selection for the current application is made quickly and efficiently.  The disadvantage of previous experience is that it can "color" your thinking.  I suggest that the confidence with which one makes a flowmeter selection based upon previous evaluation is proportional to the amount of time spent on the original evaluation and inversely proportional to the amount of time since the original evaluation was performed.


Variable Speed Drives by David W Spitzer

Which of the following statements is true about using variable speed drives to operate equipment in a process plant?  Variable speed drives:

A.    reduce electrical energy consumption.

B.    improve control as compared to a control valve.

C.    reduce vibration.

D.    decrease power surges.



In addition to over 40 years of experience as an instrument user, consultant and expert witness, David W Spitzer has written over 10 books and 500 articles about flow measurement, level measurement, instrumentation and process control. David teaches his flow measurement seminars in both English and Portuguese.


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