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February 2018

The Fundamentals of Variable Area Flowmeters: Cylinder-and-Piston Meters

Probably the most common is the cylinder-and-piston variable area meter. These devices are used for many in-plant requirements, such as hydraulic fluid flow, cutting oil recirculation flow and other simple applications, where indication only is acceptable. Piston type variable area meters can be made to operate on high viscosity liquids, and even gases and compressed air. They will operate up to relatively high pressures and temperatures if the materials of construction are compatible. click for more...

Use of the Word 'Large'

The measurement of gas flow in large pipes in a steel mill was discussed in a recent article. Although the article was targeted to a somewhat specific application, the general use of the word 'large' begs the question of what the word 'large' actually means. Many years ago, I helped start up a steel mill with a large 6,000 hp motor that sat on a two-meter-high pedestal (complete with a stairway and handrail). Some years later, I visited a wind tunnel with a motor rated at more than 100,000 hp. In between, I was led to what was described as a 'large' motor that I could not find --- until I was instructed to look down where I saw a 25 hp motor at my feet. What a disappointment! I almost tripped over the 'large' motor and did not know it. click for more...

How Full is a Horizontal Tank?

Approximately how full is a horizontal tank in which the differential pressure level transmitter measures 90 percent level? click for more...



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